Festival Photography

Easter has become synonymous with Canberra and the National Folk Festival over recent years.  Fairbridge Festival is usually the weekend before or afterwards.  This year I made it to both – the former as a solo traveller and the latter en famille. Although I was mainly at ‘the National’ to play music and catch up with …

The cottage

Off-grid – this is where Wendy lived until her simplicity was noticed and she was told to move on.  Protesting garnered the attention, and now the bush is reclaiming her home.  Some memories linger and suggest stories.

Texture: Rock and Water

West Cape Howe is reached by an adventurous 4WD along a soft sandy two-track.  For us, the attraction is rock: beautiful, frictional dolerite.  Sea cliffs standing just the right side of vertical – pounded and washed by the southern ocean.  Climbing here is special – the stuff of true diversion from the mundane and stressful. …

Full moon: a gallery

Several attempts to capture the full moon – some more successful than others Then, coming back to the house with inviting light and warmth (though the night’s not actually that cold), more photos

Long exposures and Neutral Density filters: a first try

A week in Dwellingup getting to know our son in the absence of internet, telephone coverage or other interruptions allowed a little time to try out a couple of Neutral Density (ND) filters I’d bought.  These evenly reduce the light getting into the lens, meaning that longer exposures can be used without having to lose …